• Magazine of the Hauts-de-France

Who are we?

A magazine/portal about the art of living in Hauts-de-France, full of surprises and culturally chic. It’s our aim to promote a style of epicurean living, of good taste and elegance that is often unknown to both a regional and international audience.Our magazine shows off the best of what’s new in our region; it goes beyond the well-known classics – although those tried and tested favourites can also be found in our pages!

Our vision

The Hauts-de-France region knows better than any how to welcome and surprise visitors. It has a rich industrial, architectural and cultural heritage which is unique. Situated between three European capitals, it has a huge range of activities to delight everyone. Our aim is to give you a taste of the refinement of the Hauts-de-France.

What we offer

An invitation to discover the Hauts de France, a selection of the most attractive, sophisticated, authentic and beautiful things it has to offer – in a word, the quintessence of our region.

What is Quintessence?

A new region was born in 2016, it needed a magazine to match! Quintessence, the first magazine of the art of living in the Hauts de France which shows off the best our region has to offer.



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