The new region of “Hauts-de-France” has been born – and what better start in life
than to give it its own magazine? What’s more, it’s a magazine which will help you
to discover the extraordinary variety and the very best our region has to offer.
We are therefore delighted to bring you the first edition of Quintessence.
Why Quintessence? Because this magazine is dedicated to lovers of the finer
things in life, to those who refuse to compromise, to those who prize quality,
who have a thirst for discovery and above all else to those who know how to live
in the moment. Whether you are visiting or you live here, this magazine on the art
of living will help you to discover charming places, some more unusual locations,
well-known recommendations and some that are less known, as well as walks
and moments to cherish in our outstanding region.
We also extend the invitation to our English neighbours, with a magazine entirely
translated into English, and to our Belgian cousins, with whom we share far more
than just a border. We hope that all of you will enjoy an unforgettable experience
in Hauts-de-France.


– No1


– janvier 2017